The Manitoba Softball Hall of Fame & Museum, Inc is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization.

The objectives of the Manitoba Softball Hall of Fame & Museum are as follows:

To preserve the history of the sport of softball in Manitoba

To recognize individuals, teams and organizations for outstanding achievement and/or

contributions to the the sport of softball.

Activities to date include:

 - Selection and induction of the individuals and teams into the Manitoba Softball Hall of Fame;

 - Establishment of the Manitoba Softball Hall of Fame & Museum at the Fort la Reine Museum east of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba;

 - Recognition of Manitoba teams that have won Canadian and Western Canadian championships on a Wall of Fame at the John Blumberg Softball Complex west of Winnipeg;

 - Collection of softball memorabilia and historical material;

 - Library research and interviews on softball in Manitoba;

 - Ongoing nomination program for the Manitoba Softball Hall of Fame & Museum.

The Manitoba Softball Hall of Fame & Museum is operated by an elected Board of Directors.  The board shall have a minimum of 6 directors and a maximum of 10.  The executive officers, i.e., president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, are elected by the directors following the annual meeting which occurs in September.  Interested persons are invited to attend.  Anyone interested in serving on the board or volunteering for a committee can contact any board member.

2022 - 2023 Board

President:  Murray Blight

Vice President:  Adrian Brown

Past President:  Allan Sharpe

Secretary:  Les Ellchuk

Treasurer:  Les Newman

Director:  Mo Bray

Director:  Bob Conibear

Director:  Jack Coulson

Director:  Dawn Moxham

Director:  Jana Taylor

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