The St. Vital Tigerettes won the Winnipeg Senior Girls League championship in 1949 and 1950. After losing its home diamond in St. Vital, the team took its backstop and relocated to West Kildonan in 1951. Moving north didn’t bother the Tigerettes as the team won three more championships in 1951, 1952 and 1954. Manitoba has been blessed with outstanding senior women’s teams and the 1949-1954 Tigerettes most deservingly join the 1944-1948 St. Boniface Athletics and the 1965 CUAC Blues in the Manitoba Softball Hall of Fame

Roy Dillon (Manager)   William (Bill) Douglas Henderson II (Coach)   Guent Salzmann (Manager)

Daisy (Thompson) Gregg, Gloria (Pelletier) Goodine, Vinnie (Vi) Glass, Janet (Beckwith) Vickery, 

Beryl (Titheridge) Guy, Joan (Henderson) Panting, Evelyn Halsall, Isny (Johnson) Gallimore,

Audrey (Freeman) Henderson, Lilly (Lozanski) Kissell, Mary (Wilchuk) Skowronek, Irene (Bodman) Lundin,

Donna Manning, Jackie (Stokes) Gregg, Audrey (Disher) Newell, Dorothy (Wilchuk) Zahara, Hilda (Brucker) Wilkie,

Frances Mirecki, Olga (Hrechkosy) Pekarsky, Anne (Bonner) Gallie, Louise (Smith) Kill, Ethel (Beeson) Collins, 

Bev (Coe) Lamonica, Helen Panno, Olga (Kruchak) Lapuk, Florence (McNabb) Milligan, Audrey Moloney, 

Liz (Reimer) Nazninga, Elva (Rampton) Salzmann, Betty (Harrison) Stewart, Flo (Flip) Dugard, Mona (Tjaden) Bilton,

Lil (Holm) Gibson, Shirley (Ramshaw) Elcombe, Violet (Pollock) Tittler, Marie (Oystreck) McFarlane, 

Mae (Ostopowich) Quarton, Bernice (Hesp) Siudy, Ann Strouken, Eleanor Bessler, Lil Rogalski

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