Claude Gagnon, who will be inducted in the all-around category in 2004, was the architect of the outstanding Kiewel Seals and Manitoba Clothing teams from this period. Gagnon recognized talent and most of the top players in the Winnipeg region wanted to play for his teams. Seals won the Winnipeg Senior A Fastball League championship in 1959 and the team won again in 1961and 1962 under the banner of Manitoba Clothing. Playing once again as Kiewel Seals, the team won its fourth title in six years in 1964. During this period, the Seals/Clothiers also travelled the tournament circuit in search of strong competition and won in Northern Ontario, Saskatchewan and North Dakota.

Team members include:  

Frank Anderson (Coach), Claude Gagnon (Manager), Leo Bouchard (Coach) Randy Gagnon (Stats), 

Lloyd Remple (Treasurer), Ed Mowdy (Assistant)

Mark Westman, Bob Neillings, George Druxman, Jack Latter, Red Houghton, Morley Ponton, Duane Brown, 

Frank McKinnon, Jack Passey, Cecil Iwanchuk, Bob Sharpe, Bob Hazell, Ron Copeland, Frank Paquette, Ken Corby,

Lorne Jasper, Al Dilk, Cliff Anderson, Jim Anderson, Ed McDonald, Brian Weston, Bob Taylor, Fred Taylor, Jim Slevin, 

Cam Bouchard, Gabby Bouchard, Dave McLauchlin, Harry Condon, Phil Masniuk, Bob Allison, Stan Hamilton, 

Bob Wilson, Al Sharpe, Wally Hyra, John Kuklica, Wayne Bovay, Jerry Harvey, Dale Cross

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