Team Members:
Manager:  John Shaley
Coaches:  Roy Harper, Harry Martin, Stan Shaley,
Bat Boy:  Bob Martin

Grace Durban, Frances (Scott) Doroschuk, Reta (Horobetz) Kruger, 
Norma (Waslyk) Reeves, Joyce Tully, Lois (Eyvindson) Erb, Ina (Morrison) Laird, Grace (Peckover) Bouchard, Norma (Archibold) Cave, Clarice (Lawton) Fitzpatrick, Helen (Stonoga) Hambleton, Laurie Bradawaski, Gerry Faris, Donna Manning, Helen Wilson, Violet (Pollock) Tittler, Diane (Ingram) Hungerford, Joan Ingram, 
Doreen (Ingram) Thomas, Ruby (Hoski) Ingram, Bev Sawchuk, Eileen (Clay) Sim, Liz Kolomi, Dot Rose, Bobbi (Little) Janaway

A dynasty began in 1957 when CUAC Blues won the provincial championship and went on to win the Western Canadian title. CUAC then won 16 straight senior women’s provincial crowns and the 1965 national championship. The 1965 team was inducted into the HOF with the first group of inductees in 2002. This year the teams that won those first six provincial championships will be honoured as per the HOF criteria where teams can only be nominated for a maximum of six years.

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