The Ramblers Girls Softball team from 1923-1928 was the first top female softball team in Winnipeg at that time. This was a team that played in front of thousands of fans and erased the stigma that was once attached to a “ girls’ game”. The girls actually made a scientific study of the game as they spent many evenings in blackboard talks and the tactical study of softball. George Percy and Gordon Little formed the Winnipeg Ramblers from the St. Johns Presbyterian Church and the Lord Selkirk girls’ team. They entered the newly organized Winnipeg Girls Softball League in 1923. They won their first 104 league games and it was not until 1927 that they suffered their first defeat at the hands of the Tigerettes at John M. King School.

Team Members:
Mike Goodman (Coach), Gordon Little (Manager) 
George Percy (President),  R.Taylor (Secretary-Treasurer), 
Jimmy Goodman (Mascot)
Freda (Goodman) Avery, Lucy Bowdler, Isabel (Sparky) Cameron, Elsie Gauer, Babe (Goodman) Gibson, Gladys Grant, 
Goodie (Goodman) Johnston, Laura (Piper) Little
Margaret (Vopni) Lloyd, Lillian (Cann) Lockwood, Willa MacLean, Della Marshall, Peggy McBride, Gladys (Percy) McDonald, Marjorie Palmer, May Partridge, Alma Percy, 
Fanny (Julius) Robertson, Olive Shea, Dorothy Dudley, 
Margaret Hodgins, M.White, G.Edwards

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