Team members:
Phil Neil (Coach)
Vance Canilla, Roy Corby, Leslie Dyer, Art Gibson, Reginald Jones, Bert Kline, Ernest "Barney" McBeth, Art Raven, Scotty Steele, Tony Serafin, George "Shorty" Watkins, Frank "Bunny" Watkins, Hec Watkins, A.Davis, W.Davis, Jimmy Dunn, Harry Gordon, Hector Lewis, George Martin, Donnie McLennan, Claude Olson, 
Rocky Rockwell, Cece Simmons, F.Wilcox, Jackie Woods

The Uneedas, 1927-30, were fierce competitors in Winnipeg Senior Softball. Since recreation in these years focused primarily on softball and hockey, player and fan involvement was loyal, intense and constant. In 1927, this newly formed team won the Intermediate League Championship; in 1928, they entered the Diamond League and won 3rd. in the playoffs losing to YMHA in the finals; in 1929, they won the city championship against the Nifties; and in 1930, represented the Diamond League at the Northwest Softball Tournament in Minneapolis. One report notes that as many as 8000 fans attended playoff games. A great team playing for passionate fans.

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