Smitty's A-2 Women's Fastball team won Gold in 2008 and Silver in 2009. Competing against the dominating Smitty's Terminators made these championships especially noteworthy. In 2007, Portage's John Mitchell founded the Smitty's Women's Junior ‘A’ team. In 2008 when the National tournament was awarded to Winnipeg, they decided to compete for the Women's Senior 'A' title. This remarkable team of young players was able to defeat the Smitty Terminators in both the A-side finals and in the Gold Medal game. A remarkable feat! In 2009, they returned to the Nationals in Kitchener to defend their Gold. Oppressive heat, injuries to two top hitters, 11 games in 5 days with 3 on Sunday and a rested Kitchener team in the Gold Medal game proved too much. It was a 'great run' they and their fans will long remember. 

Team members:
Head Coach:  John Mitchell
Coaches:  Evelyne Holenski, Roy Holenski, Sharon Martin, 
Sherry Allan, Erin (Enns) Audino, Ashley (Jaffray) Bresden, 
Lana Dubois, Chasity Findlay, Corrine Gautron, 
Ashley (Lanz) Gilstad, Holly Kitchen, Jackie (Clift) Marchylo, 
Nikki Marcoux, Deanna Mitchell, Ashley Neufeld, Jenn Penner, Kayla Price, Kayla (Mitchell) Reykdal, Nicole Rutledge, 
Amanda Ryan, Rianne Ryan-Vermiest, Jenn Schreyer, Tracey Tesch, 
Katie (Rosentreiter) Van Kampen, Cheryl White, 

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