Team Members:
Coaches:  Howie Larke, Donald McNaughton, Ramsay Monaghan, Tod Thurston
Manager:  Basil Rampton
Margaret (McIntosh) Duncan, Dorothy (Whitfield) Topley, Norma Zorn, Evelyne (Olafson) Holenski, 
Gladys (Gowling) Bergen, Ruth (Winkler) Boivin, Helen (Reimer) Pankiw, Grace (Olafson) Martinos,
Margaret (Keir) Williams, Liz (Reimer) Nagazinn, Loreen Breakey, Elva (Rampton) Salzmann, 
Florence (McNabb) Milligan, Dorothy (Human) Andrews, Cathy (Denholm) Sinclair,
Eileen (Barkley) Grills, Lillian (Gibson) Hildebrand, Joyce (Edwards) Houston

Morden Whiz-Bangs will be the first team from a smaller Manitoba community to be inducted in the HOF. The team of students from Maple Leaf Collegiate started playing under the Whiz-Bangs name in 1948. The team had its greatest success from 1948 to 1950 playing in tournaments in Canada and the USA as well as exhibition games against top Winnipeg senior teams and touring US teams. Over that three-year period, Whiz-Bangs won 61 games and lost 21.

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