Team Members:

Sam Sheps (Coach), Jack Cohen (Manager) 

Issy "Rossy" Rosenstock (Captain), 

Dr. David Braunstein (Playing Manager)

Norm Etkin, Bill "Spike" Abramson, Alex Malkin, 

Jack "Snaker" Kline, Mickey Kamerovsky, Arron Kalensky, De. 

Sheppy Hershfield, Morris Mogul, Joe Lavitt, Phat Wiener, 

Rube Ludwick, Mesho Triller, Jack Shore, Harry Broverman, 

Charlie Krupp, Al Braunstein, Harry Perlmutter, 

Max "Champ" Simovitch, Leible Hershfield, Benny Glussman, 

Sam Goltzman, Dr. Chas Rusen, Corky Levine, Buster Radis

Solomon Malkin, Barney Braunstein, Leo Fletcher, Bill Hoffman, 

Mel Linhart

During the six-year period of 1932 to 1937, the Y.M.H.A. (Young Men’s Hebrew Association) team won the Winnipeg Senior Diamond Ball League championship five times. The team also won the provincial senior championship in 1932 and 1934 and lost in the final the other four seasons. Men’s diamond ball was one of the most popular games in Winnipeg during the 1930s, battles between Y.H.M.A. and Uneedas were legendary, and the final game between the two rivals for the provincial title in 1932 attracted a crowd of 8,000 fans. Y.M.H.A. also played many games for charity and travelled to Minnesota and North Dakota for exhibition games with top American teams.

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