Team Members:  

Evelyne Holenski (Manager), Roy Holenski (Coach), 

Tony Foti (Coach), Sharon Martin (Assistant Coach), 

Jean Love (Team Statistician) 

Melissa Winning, Melanie (Ponomets) Fernandes, 

Tara (Tremblay) Brown, Juanita Clayton, 

Brandi (Christenson) Granberg, Susan Heapy, Jill Mathez, 

Amanda Porter, Linda Osterman, Nada Hlohovsky, Jami Jacyk, 

Janice LeBaree, Deb Sonnenberg, Sandy Newsham, 

Brandi Chammartin, Stacy (Dobbin) Bruce, Stacy Bouchard,

Sandy (Love) Johnson, Heather Newsham, Kendra Floyde, 

Rhonda Denbow, Linda (Stewart) Dmyterko, 

Lisa (Harrison) Fedoriw, Holly Reynolds, Carol Chabbert, 

Claudia Chabbert, Nicole Yarjau, Karen Doell, 

Lorrie (Fedorchuk) Newton, Cathy Cummings, 

Connie (Burnett) Taillon, Rose Blatz, Casey Christenson, 

Jody Lanyon, Carla Macmillan, Donna Chief, Lynn (Vigier) Letain

Smitty’s represented Manitoba at the Softball Canada senior women’s fast pitch championship from 1993 to 1997 and brought home medals each season. The streak started with bronze in 1993, the team finished second in the country the following season, and won gold in 1995. The Canadian senior women’s title that Smitty’s won in 1995 was the first at that level for our province since CUAC Blues won the first Canadian championship 30 years earlier. The team then retained its Canadian crown in 1996 and again in 1997 and its success established Manitoba as our country’s leader in women’s fast pitch softball.

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