The McKay United Fastpitch team originated from Crane River, Manitoba. This team was unique as it was made up of nine brothers, their relatives and close friends. This group possibly formed the most awesome and successful all-aboriginal team in the province’s history. They captured awards at the provincial, national and international levels. In 1988, McKay United won the senior B provincial as well as the silver medal in the Western Canadian Championships. To top this off, the team also won back to back Canadian Native Championships in 1988 and 1989. Bob Loeppky, their coach and operations manager in 1988, was amazed at the closeness exhibited by the team members and in particular how the young people looked up to them as role models. They truly exemplified the old adage, “United We Stand”.

Team members:
Bob Loeppky (Manager), Dave Stewart (Coach) 
Harvey Mann (Coach), Henry McKay (Bat Boy)
Charles Blackbird, Ernie Blackbird, Greg Bouchard, Ray Breland, Rick Fewchuk, Marty Fleury, Delbert Kematch, Barry McKay, 
Brian McKay, Darrell McKay, Lionel McKay, Mervin McKay, 
Peter McKay, Rick McKay, Steve McKay, Terry McKay, 
Ron Missyabit,  Roger Montour, Bernie Morrisseau

Winnipeg Free Press, August 13, 1989

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