In 1923 the Victoria Girls softball team, originally called the Hudson Bay team till 1925, became one of the founding teams of the Greater Winnipeg Girls’ Softball league. The Victoria’s competed in the GWGSL for several years before their excellent fielding and hitting led them to their first ever league championship in 1928. The youthful maroon and white clad Victoria’s defeated the powerful Ramblers in the deciding game. This proved to be the beginning of a dynasty for the Victoria’s. They repeated this performance the following two years and again in 1932 and 1933. Over a six year span, the Victoria’s were league and provincial champions five times.

Team members:
Oliver L. Best (President), G. Geise, James 
(Scotty) Oliver (Manager), Eddie Picard (Manager), 
Neil Foran (Manager), Trevor (Skin) Willis (Secretary), 
George Kelly (Coach), Stew McPherson (Coach), Ed Pounds (Coach), George Daley (Bat Boy)
Steffie Brazanski, Margaret Corns, Lillian Decter, 
Bea (Hall) McKenzie, Dot Gaffield, Anne Gray, Hazel Hewitt, 
Fanny (Julius) Robertson, Edith Kingsmill, 
Lena (Kraushar) Behl, Leah (Little) Whatmough, Edith McKenzie, Madge McKenzie, Peggy McBride, Nan (McBride)Merrick, 
Kay Morris, Gwen Prior, Lettie Roper, Mary (Taylor) Milazzo, Ladye (Skorish) Wiles, L. Sweetie, Lillian (Cann) Lockwood, Hilda Decter, Evelyn Edmundson, Evelyn Johnston, Lillian Johnston
 Evelyn Lindsay, Stella Sokie, ? Suffield, Ida Tass

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