During 1959-64, Brown’s Fastball Club of Melita was a dominating softball team. In 1932 Angus Forsyth, a farmer near Brown’s School - named after Henry Brown who had donated the grounds for a school in 1891 - five miles north-west of Melita, noticed children playing ball with a narrow board and sponge rubber ball. At noon the next day, Angus brought them a bat and a softball. A team was born. Angus managed the team until ‘Old’ Bill Mason agreed to replace him. In 1959, they won 33, lost 2 and tied 2. Each year they played at tournaments in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Dakota; each year, they sponsored the largest softball tournament in Manitoba with as many as 67 teams participating. In 1960, they won the Sportsmanship Award Trophy in Minot. This Brown’s Ball Club brought a unique energy, excitement and pride to the town of Melita.

Team Members:
Bill Brigden, Bill Coleman, Bill Harmon, Bob Anderson, Boyd Robertson, Cecil Patterson, Charlie Robin, Dick Harmon, Doug Snyder, Duane Williams, Ernie Stewart, Everett Barker,
Fred Watson, Gerry Anderson, Harry Compton, Harvey Renwick, Jack Harmon, Jesse Tillbury, Jim Compton, Jim Laport, 
Jim McKinnon, John Harmon, Larry Renwick, Lloyd Patterson, Lorne Lilley, Lorne Richter, Mert Coates, Morley (Moe) Mark, Orval Parker, Orvel Coleman, Stew Harmon, Wayne Lamport, Chester Cheroski, Fred Doucett, Frances Tilbury (Scorekeeper), Jack Deacon (Mascot), Bill Waite (Mascot)

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