From 1963-68, the Boissevain Border Queens dominated women’s softball in south western Manitoba. When the successful Margaret, Manitoba softball team moved to Boissevain with its coach and manager, Bus Riddel, and solicited some additional skilled, Boissevain players, the team blossomed. In 1966, they won 11 of 12 league games in a three team league with Deloraine, Killarney and Boissevain; in 1967, they won 8 of 11 tournaments and the League championship and its Mel Pringle trophy; in 1968, they won the provincial championship in Teulon defeating a star-studded Portage team in the two final games; in 1969, they placed 2nd in the province. The Queens were skilled and dedicated women who entertained the community with excitement and flare.

Team Members:
George (Bus) Riddell (Coach)
Audrey (Mogk) McKinney, Barb (Facey) Glover, Betty (Olson) Challner, Betty (Ireland) Devins, Chris Moore, Dawn (Park) Lucy, Doreen (Pagee) Riddell, Grace (Ross) Jones, Jane Martin
Judy (Paterson) Burton, Laura (Verhelst) Cuvelier, Laurie Park, Leonie (Couckuyt) Hooper, Liz (Toth) Guttman, Lori (Claeys) Langton, Lorna (Hammond) McLeneham, Lynne (Gouldie) Shipley
Margaret (Sprott) Hammond, Marilyn (Challner) Weins, 
Myrna (Black) Hall, Neta (McArter) Mains
Norma (Whiteside) Arnold, Pat (Coates) Gibson, Pat (Riddell) Gouldie, Phyllis (Riddell) Struth, Sharon (Couckuyt) Patterson, Shirley (Bell) Forester

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