The 1930, 1931 and 1935 Native Sons - also known as The Canucks, formerly The Nifties - were dominating Winnipeg Senior Men’s softball. Two leagues competed - the Senior Diamond League and the Intermediate League. Top teams in each league competed for the combined city and provincial championship. The 1930 and 1931 Canucks won successive, league, city and provincial championships; in 1932, they won the league championship but lost the city and provincial championships to The Young Men’s Hebrew Association (YMHA). After a two year hiatus, they returned in 1935 to win league, city and provincial championships. With ace Harold ‘Googs’ Hindle on the mound, the Canucks were once more dominant.

Team members:

B.Buckboro (President), G. Morrison (2nd Vice-President), Clay Tibbets (Manager), Steve Morrison (Coach), A.Cusson (Mascot)

A.Brown, T.Borax, Alex Boyle, Nick Burdenie, Vance Cancilla, Abbie Clark, P.Dobush, Fred Gorner, Mike Harrisko,

Harold "Googs" Hindle, Charlie Johnson, Casey Jones, Lou Joyal, Mike Matrick, Stan McLeod, George Menzies, 

Alex Nitchuk, George Picard, Johnny Pucci, Slaw Rebchuk, Mike Rosnyk, J.Smith, Bill "Lefty" Smith, F.Suarez,

Wes Tracey, Jack Walker, George Watkins

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