Team members:
Terry Chwaluk, Roy Enns, Frank Foord, Don Gustafson, Clare Haralson, Harold Hopkins, Craig Horback, Leonard Horback, Bruce Jamison, Brian Kiliwnik, Malcolm Klym, Jim Krutkewich, 
Bob Madill, Dennis Magwood, Bruce McLaughlin, 
Allan McPherson, Phillip McPherson, Gordon Moyer, 
Charlie Richards, Jim Richards, Elgin Robertson, Brian Smith
Dave Syslak, Keith Wood, Barry Zachedniak, Evan Bertram, Randy Bone, Doug Hedley

The 1972-77 Clanwilliam Greys Fastball Team represented the 100 inhabited village of Clanwilliam, 40 miles north of Brandon. A team in their early 20s, they dominated fastball in southern Manitoba. They were undefeated during the first two seasons in the Minnedosa and District Fastball League; and, combined with tournament games, played 90 games in 1972 and 92 games in 1973. The latter brought them $1,100.00 in tournament prize money. With several additions, they joined the Brandon Centennial Fastball League in 1973, and by 1976, they won the league title and played in the Senior ‘A’ provincials for the 4th consecutive year. A dominating presence in league and provincial play.

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