The Manitoba Men’s Masters, a roster of Manitoba all-stars, won two Gold, one Silver and one Bronze in four years of play at the Western Canadian Men’s Twi-Lite Fastball Championships. An unusual accomplishment in a tournament with such high levels of talent, skill and softball sense, where one or two runs usually determine the score, where team chemistry needs to jell quickly, strongly, supportively. 
A great team, a superb effort, a ‘gritty’ determination.

Team members:
Tom Springman, John Scott, Al Braemar, Charlie Jones, Gerry Edmunds, Ivan Seneshen, Ron Buckler, Patrick Slevin, Rollie Boucher, Ralph Enns, Dave Shyiak, Charlie Brown, Ken Dilk, 
John Friesen, Daryl Beamish, Barry Braun, Lloyd Penner, 
Lorne Seneshen, Ron Taylor, Art Penner, Ron Westcott, Dave Bosch, Ozzie Richard, Ron Toews, Don Barton, Gary Slobogian, 
Reyn Davis

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