Team Members:
Vionell B. Jacobson, Walter G. Greiner, Ken Holland, Ken Truss, Bob Fines, Roy Gilkes, Glenn Erskine, Paul Christie, 
Dick Lougheed, Ken Williamson, Ernie Livingstone, 
Duncan Grierson, Glen Thomson, Bob Shinski, Dick Hean, 
Ted Dewar, Jack Treadwell, Jim Gray, Gord Greiner, Keith Burgess

In 1956 when Brandon had one select Senior Men's Fastball Team competing in a Winnipeg league, the construction company Jacobson & Greiner supported Brandon softball players to build a softball diamond at 4th St. and McTavish during 1956-57.  In 1957, the organizers established a 5 team league and a draft system to man each team.  Teams included J&G, Crests Dry Cleaners, LaSalle Grill, McGavins and 7-Up.  J&G won the league in both 1957 and 1958.  Their skill and tenacity in these tightly contested games drew droves of fans.  It was one great era in Brandon Softball, and Jacobson & Greiner were always in the 'thick of it'. 

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