Lenore Ladies from a small village, not having a league to play in, attended numerous tournaments in conjunction with sport and fair days at places like Birtle, Strathclair, Brandon, Minot, and into Saskatchewan. The team got stronger with experience and in 1954 won 30 of 39 games, were tops in 40 of 50 contests in 1955. Lenore was victorious in 70 of 75 in 1956 winning 21 of 25 tournaments. In one tournament at Minot they defeated two Minot clubs to place first and in 1957 they were runner-up at Minot. The Lenore girls were dedicated, superb players, showed sportsmanship, and earned the admiration of their peers on the tournament trail.

Team members include
Coaches:  Sam Smith, Russel Cumming, Allan Hill
Joe Hutchison, Bette Leask Scott, Eileen Smith Janzen, Midge Horn, Lauree Cumming Clifford
Glenda Bray Hutchison, Shirley Shoemaker Hill, Georgina Hutchison Brown, Gail Cumming Parker
Carol Cumming Kidd, Eleanor Wilson Conconi, Maxine Cumming Brown, Georgina Hill Matiation
Francis Scott Doroschuk, Marilyn Gee Nykoliation, Elaine Sangster, Margaret Hopley Sangster
Arleen White Baillie, Shirley Hutchison Simpson, Carol Hutchison Wilson, 
Florence Maitland Hutchison,Linda Kidd Chorley, Marguerite Hill Hedley

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